Marketing and Communications

The HasleyHong group’s Marketing and Communications (MarCom) practice specializes in stakeholder awareness of international organizations, governments, and non-profit organizations. Our success is driven by our ability to reach target audiences through messages that resonate and channels that fit. 

We can leverage a diverse network of associates, whose expertise includes but is not limited to strategic planning, implementation, events management, and creative services. The practice strongly believes in engaging the right resources for each task to assemble a dynamic group that is focused and delivery-oriented.

  Strategy and planning

  • Integrated communications plans
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Change management strategies
  • Results-based planning and measurement
  • Client consultations and analysis
  • SWOT analysis

  Implementation and evaluation

  • Management and design effectiveness of marketing and communications plans
  • Client relations management
  • Surveys and post mortem analysis
  • Evaluation of marketing channels, positioning, and activities

  Events management

  • Event conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation, including planning documents, guest lists, speaking notes, scenarios, and evaluations
  • Coordination of vendors, venues, and logistics
  • Liaison with speakers and clients
  • Post-event wrap ups 

  Creative services

  • Copywriting services
  • Content creation and editing in both official languages for all target audiences
  • Creation of bilingual print products and online content, including annual reports, brochures, blogs entries, and social media